Install TikTok livestream singing software or What do I need to install to sing TikTok livestream is the question I have received the most recently.

First, to livestream TikTok, you need to satisfy some conditions set by the platform such as achieving 1,000 followers, but this article will only guide you on what you need to prepare and install the software. Which software to sing livestream on TikTok?

Install TikTok livestream singing software with Auto-Tune

Singing livestream TikTok has 2 basic forms:

  • No need to install software, use soundcard livestream has built-in Reverb and Delay (echo) effects for vocals. Disadvantages: the sound is not clear, the vocals are loud and not good.
  • Install livestream singing software such as Cubase, Studio One, Logic Pro… However, it takes some knowledge or time to learn to create a Project (?) satisfied.

I. How to install TikTok livestream singing software?

1. To install the TikTok livestream singing software, you need to prepare

  • A TikTok account with 1000 followers
  • A soundcard that can install live singing software, All Soundcards sold at NTBlog can be installed.
  • Microphone is considered the most important because it records your voice directly.
  • A headphone to check the sound while singing. A bad headphone will make you unable to feel the music, sing out of tune or lose inspiration.
  • Livestream box / wire: is the wire / device that helps bring the sound you hear to the audience, if possible, buy it box live stereo (OTG) to not degrade the livestream sound.
  • Microphone stand or table clamp to fix the mic while singing, you can’t sing livestream on TikTok for hours with a microphone in hand.
  • Phone holder
  • Microphone wire and headphone jack if using an audio soundcard. Most expensive microphones do not come with a microphone cable, and recording soundcards mostly use 6.3mm headphone holes while you use 3.5mm headphones.

2. Install TikTok livestream singing software

a. What is TikTok livestream singing software?

Install singing software livestream on TikTok

Digital audio workstation (Digital audio workstation – DAW) are software applications used to record, edit and create audio files.

They themselves were not born to serve livestream singing. However, we can combine these DAWs with ASIO to import and export audio at the same time and transmit the output audio directly to social networks, also known as livestream.

Current popular livestream singing software includes: Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, Logic Pro X, Cakewalk by BandLab,…

b. Instructions for installing TikTok livestream singing software

Although there are many software that can serve livestream singing, this article will guide you to install Steinberg Cubase, the most popular software today.

  • First you access and download Cubase 12, the article also has specific instructions on how to install it.
  • Next is the plugin Auto -Tune, helps you automatically tune when singing. You don’t need to worry about what you need to do, just download and install it on your computer.
  • Download and install Waves Complete, Access the link and follow the instructions.
  • Download Free project do On my side, open the project and the software will load all available settings. However, you need to reset the IN/OUT ports by watching the video below:

II. Instructions for singing livestream TikTok

There are 2 ways to sing livestream on TikTok once the software has been installed

Sound quality depends on many factors. The software will help you sing better and sound sharper and clearer. However, the sound in the headset will not be 100% the same as when recorded on the phone or livestreamed.

Quality depends a lot on the live cable. If you want good sound, use a live box that supports OTG technology. Live on iPhone sounds better than Android. The sound recorded on the phone and when recorded live is also different due to the compression of the live platform. Single live (1 person) sounds better than multi-person live (PK) because Tiktok will compress more strongly to limit latency to help idols interact with each other.

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