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1. Introduce content policy.
Content on NTblog are personal articles. With the desire to bring you knowledge about technology in daily life…etc. These contents are written by the NTblog team and are publicly shared on online sharing tools.

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2. Content of other articles and images.
The content of articles that NTblog cites will be labeled shared, as well as a link to the home page of that article.
Limited supply of some images from external sources, these images are intended to help you have a better view of the content of the shared article.

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3. Advertising content.
Some ads are likely to appear on your browser, these ads are included by NTblog, in order to maintain the operating cost of the site. This is also part of the motivation to help NTblog develop to bring to the community a useful and practical information sharing site.
The content of the ad will be displayed publicly and clearly. Will not really affect your experience.

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4. Content is missing or incorrect.
Because this is a sharing site with content written by individuals. So it is very likely that there will be missing or incorrect information. If you read and feel the above information is missing, or not really accurate. Please contact NTblog for questions, as well as NTblog will review the content posted. For inaccurate content will be deleted, or re-edited to be more accurate and relevant.


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1. About privacy policy.
Your use of NTblog is that you have confidence in the information and images provided. Through this privacy policy, we hope to help you better understand the links, as well as the collection of your personal information.

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2. Whether or not information is collected from you.
It is possible that some of the utilities that NTblog provides require account association such as sharing, commenting… However, this information is completely confidential and NTblog does not collect anything from your use. utilities mentioned above, so you do not need to worry from these utilities.

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3. Login with Google
When you log into NTBlog through your account Google to use the comment feature, it means you have provided your name and email address to us. NTBlog will not share your personal information with any other 3rd party.

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4. Login with Facebook
When you log into NTBlog through your account Facebook to use the comment feature, you have provided your name and Email address to us. NTBlog will not share your personal information with any other 3rd party.

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5. Third parties.
Maybe NTblog uses some third-party utilities, which only serve to make your experience better.
There are quite a few links through the post that NTblog has included, these links give you quick access to the content that NTblog shares. There are no links to information-stealing services, or pages with fraudulent content, or account hijacking.

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6. Security measures.
NTblog uses the usual security measures of a personal site. However, NTblog does not guarantee the security of your information as well as your privacy. NTblog recommends using security measures such as anti-virus software, firewalls, to protect yourself from information security and privacy threats.