What do you need to sing a facebook live stream?

Similar to facebook, Youtube, Bigo are also the hottest livestream platforms at the moment. In fact, video quality is the most important factor for viewers when watching a live video. Live streaming equipment does not need to be too expensive, it is important that you choose the right needs.

What Need To Sing

Live stream or live streaming is one of the trends that are enthusiastically welcomed by young people. When livestreaming, you can chat directly with each other even at a distance, but it is also one of the good methods for stores to introduce their products to customers.

Different from sales livestream, bringing live singing videos to viewers requires specialized equipment and software. To answer the question “What do you need to sing live stream?”, I would like to divide it into two popular forms today: “Singing live without using a computer” and “Singing live using computer software”.

Sing live facebook What do you need?
What do you need to sing a facebook live stream?

I. Singing live stream without using a computer

Singing live stream without using a computer, suitable for people who are not familiar with computers or do not have computers.

Sing live facebook What do you need?
What does it take to sing a facebook live stream?

1. Advantages

Convenient, simple, fast, can sing live anywhere.

2. Disadvantage

The sound is not good, easily exposed, the sound quality depends a lot on Soundcard and Micro devices, at least 2 phones are required to be able to livestream.

3. Must have equipment

  • Soundcard livestream: is a soundcard with echo and delay effects like XOX K10, Icon Upod, V8, Takstar SC-M1 …
  • Recording Microphone: Extremely diverse and rich, mainly has 2 main lines: Micro Dynamic works without power and Condenser requires 48V phantom power. Usually on soundcards that integrate this source, if you don’t have it, you have to buy a separate source or it’s best to use Micro Dynamic.
  • Headphones: should choose a monitoring headset to have the best experience.
  • Livestreaming device: can use phone or tablet.
  • Level device music to sing: can use phone or tablet.
Sing live facebook What do you need?
What does facebook livestream need?

II. Singing live stream using computer software

Sing live stream using computer via software Steinberg Cubase combined with Autotune. Most current streamers use this form of live singing because the sound quality is very high. In addition to livestream, Cubase is also used to record, mix music.

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1. Advantages

The sound is good, there is Autotune voice correction software, so even if you sing a bit loud, it’s still okay, the live sound quality is much better than when you livestream on your phone.

2. Cons

Need a Desktop or Laptop powerful enough to run Cubase software, need knowledge of Plugins to set up the best sound.

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3. Equipment required (What do you need to sing a facebook live stream?)

  • Soundcard: Should choose a recording soundcard, the same price, but the sound of a recording soundcard will be many times better than a livestream soundcard.
  • Micro: Recommended Micro series Condenser because it will give better sound.
  • Headphone: should use a monitor headset instead of a phone headset, a high-quality headset will always inspire you.
  • Livestreaming device: can use your phone, tablet or live stream on the computer you are using. When live on the phone, if the livestream is not good, the sound quality will be greatly reduced.
  • Musical equipment for singing: no need because the computer will help you. do it.
Sing live facebook What do you need?
What do you need to sing a facebook live stream?

4. Software required

III. Advice

Instead of using 2 phones to livestream, why not use that money to buy a computer for many other purposes. And most importantly, the sound through Cubase software will be many times better than the aforementioned livestream soundcards.

The software is also very easy to use, after fully installed Cubase and plugins

I don’t like to sing livestream myself, I often use Cubase 10 to record and listen to or share with friends as a hobby.

Hope this article will help you. Hope you find the best solution soon!

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