This article will provide you with the 2 best livestream sound effects software, with HalloCam you can optionally change the desired sound.

With the explosion of digital entertainment platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Bigo, Tiktok… Livestream is gradually becoming a powerful “weapon” for those who love to sing to reach the audience. This form both creates more novelty for the audience and generates more income for streamers.

A little out of the way, to sing livestream using Autotune you need the following basic elements:

Also, to create interaction with the audience, you need to add some fun sound effects during the livestream. What exactly are those sounds? How to install?

PhẦn MỀm HiỆu Ứng Âm Thanh Livestream
Livestream sound effects software

In this article, I will introduce to you the 2 best effects software, which is Audio Fun 1.0 developed by and HalloCam v2.

I. Audio Fun livestream sound effects software 1.0

You download the Audio Fun software by clicking the download button below, wait for the waiting time to appear the google drive link

phan mem hieu ung am thanh livestream Audio Fun 1.0

Audio Fun will not disappoint you when integrating 24 most popular sound effects at the moment such as: Laughter, clapping, kissing, mocking laughter, surprise, game over,…< /p>

No need to install cumbersome, just open it and use it. However, there are some software machines that will require additional software to be installed, just click next a few times.

II. HalloCam livestream sound effects software v2

This software I have replaced the fun sound set commonly used by streamers. You just need to follow the instructions.

You download the HalloCam software by clicking the download button below, wait for the timeout to appear the google drive link

After downloading, you extract with Password: will get a folder with the following files:

Effective software HalloCam v2 live sound effects

You open HalloCamv2.exe and install the software as usual.

image 12 1

1. Use NTBlog’s livestream sound effects set

  • Step 1: Select the yinxiao folder and drag it to the B2 shortcut. Drag the yinxiao folder here
image 27

If the system asks, choose to override as shown

image 14 1
  • Step 2: Select the file AudioEffectWnd and drag it to the shortcut B3. Drag the AudioEffectWnd file here
image 15 1

Continue to overwrite when system notifies

image 16 1

So that’s the installation step, now open the HalloCam software on the desktop and wait for about 15 seconds for it to start. You click on Sound to open the sound effects interface of the software.

image 17

And here are all the sounds that I have integrated into the installer. You press any button to let the software play the effect.

image 20

2. Use your own livestream sound effects

  • Step 1: You compose the desired audio file, convert it to mp3 format and cut the desired part using online tools like Online MP3 Cutter or MP4 to MP3

After you have the audio, you rename it briefly and use unsigned Vietnamese. For example the image below:

image 21
  • Step 2: You copy everything to the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\HalloCam\effect\yinxiao

  • Step 3: Go to Start Open Wordpad or Notepad with Admin
image 26

Select File -> Open and navigate to the layout folder below, open the file AudioEffectWnd.

C:\Program Files (x86)\HalloCam\layout

Note: You must re-select the file format to All Documents (*.*) for the AudioEffectWnd file to appear

image 18

Press the key combination Ctrl H and

  • Type in the box Find what the keyword corresponding to the button you want to replace on the HalloCam software
  • Type in the box Replace with name the sound you want to change
image 24

For example, if you want to change the Laugh-1 sound with the Cuoi sound, enter as shown and press Replace All

image 25

Continue to do all the desired sound effects. Once done, Press Ctrl S to save the file AudioEffectWnd and close HalloCam and reopen it.

And that’s the whole content of today’s post, good luck!

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