FL Studio, a part that is so familiar with the music makers and even if they have never been in contact with it, they probably have. someone talks about (it if you are someone who works in a related field).

[MacOS] FL Studio v20.8 | Specialized music making software

Outstanding features of the software include:

  1. Easy-to-use interface: FL Studio has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, making it easy for new users to access and get used to the software.
  2. Diverse music production tools: This software comes with a variety of tools and plug-ins for creating sounds, including synthesizers, samplers, and effects diverse sounds
  3. Supports a variety of audio file formats: FL Studio supports many popular audio file formats such as WAV, MP3, and MIDI, allowing users to import and export data easily. flexible way.
  4. Support for recording and recording: This software provides tools for recording from a variety of sources, allowing you to create complete music from your recordings. your own.
  5. Diverse platform support: FL Studio is now available on many platforms including Windows, MacOS and iOS, helping users experience creativity on many different devices

For the MacOS version, FL Studio provides a version similar to that on Windows, including all the features and tools that users already familiar. You can use FL Studio on MacOS to conveniently produce, edit, and publish music on Apple’s operating system.

I. Download FL Studio v20.8 for MacOS

To download FL Studio, click one of the download buttons below, wait until the time has passed and the download link will appear. Just download one of the 2 links!

Google Drive Link

Backup link, if blocked, install VPN

After downloading, unzip the file to proceed with the installation according to the instructions in the next section.

II. Instructions for installing FL Studio for MacOS

Open the downloaded file, you will get a folder with files as shown below, open Install FL Studio.pkg to install like a normal application.

[MacOS] FL Studio v20.8 | Phần mềm làm nhạc chuyên dụng

Click next and enter password if requested

[MacOS] FL Studio v20.8 | Phần mềm làm nhạc chuyên dụng

Open the Crack folder and drag the FL Studio 20 application to the Application folder.

[MacOS] FL Studio v20.8 | Phần mềm làm nhạc chuyên dụng

Select Replace to replace if your device has an older version. If you use Apple’s M (Silicon) chip line, you need to do the following steps:

[MacOS] FL Studio v20.8 | Phần mềm làm nhạc chuyên dụng

Go to the Application folder in Finder, right-click on FL Studio, select Get info and tick the Open using Rosetta box.

Open the app and start your journey to becoming a professional Producer.

[MacOS] FL Studio v20.8 | Phần mềm làm nhạc chuyên dụng
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