With Kontakt 7 full active software and a full library of virtual instruments, it will definitely help you a lot in sound production.

Native Instruments Kontakt  is a set of virtual instrument tools (Instruments) to create high-quality music with thousands of instruments that the company offers. In addition, music producers can create their own sets of instruments and share them with each other.

Native Instruments Kontakt’s audio library is very large, from a few Gb to several tens of Gb for a collection.

Kontakt Eng

I. Download Kontakt full active and sound library

You click the Download button, wait for the time to wait, the Google drive link will appear.

Unzip password: www.4download.net

1. Kontakt 7 full active for Windows

2. Kontakt 7 full active for macOS

3. Sound Library for Kontakt

Sound library includes 2 versions, you can use 1 of 2 or both

II. Instructions for installing and importing the library into Kontakt

1. Install Kontakt 7 full active

You can use Native Instruments Kontakt standalone or as a plugin with the software DAW like Cubase or Studio One

Kontakt 7 full active

To install Kontakt, you need to disable your anti-virus software. After installing the Setup file, run the file “Kontakt 7.1.6 Patcher” and press the Patch button to activate the software.

2. Import sound library into Kontakt 7

To import the library into Kontakt 7, do the following:

  • For Kontakt Factory Library you have to decompress, due to the large capacity, please save it to D drive on the computer to avoid the case of full C drive and crashes. Then go to Settings of Kontakt, select Libraries -> Add Library and point to the extracted folder.
Kontakt 7 full active 2
  • For Kontakt Factory Library 2, you just need to run the file Kontakt Factory Library 2 Setup PC, then also choose a suitable save location, the software will automatically identify without pointing back as above.
Kontakt 7 full active 3

III. Conclusion

Once you have installed the full active Native Instruments Kontakt 7 software and have the sound libraries, you need to use Midi Controller

I myself have not learned about music theory or harmony, but I can learn and install software like this. If you have difficulty in the installation process or are lazy to learn, you can hire our service.

Thanks for being here!!!!

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