With full active Kontakt 7 software and a full library of virtual instruments, it will definitely help you a lot in sound production.

Native Instruments Kontakt is a set of virtual musical instruments (Instruments) to create high-quality music with thousands of instruments that the company provides. In addition, music producers can create their own instrument sets and share them with each other.

Native Instruments Kontakt’s sound library has a very large capacity, from several Gb to several dozen Gb for a collection.

Kontakt Eng

I. Download Kontakt full active and sound library

Click the Download button, wait for the timeout to expire and the Google drive link will appear.

The unzip password is: ntblog.net

1. Kontakt 7 full active for Windows

2. Kontakt 7 full active for macOS

3. Sound library for Kontakt

The sound library includes 2 versions, you can use one of them or both

II. Instructions for installing and importing libraries into Kontakt

1. Install Kontakt 7 fully active

You can use Native Instruments Kontakt standalone or as a plugin with the software DAW< /a> like Cubase or Studio One.

First, open the file Kontakt 7 7.6.0 Setup PC.iso and run Kontakt 7 Setup PC.exe to proceed with the installation

Kontakt 7 Setup
Kontakt 7 Setup 2

Continue to install Setup KONTAKT Manager v1.1.10

Kontakt 7 Setup 3

To activate Kontakt, you need to turn off anti-virus software. After installing the Setup file, run the file “Kontakt_Keygen” and press the Register button.

Kontakt 7 Active 2

2. Import sound library into Kontakt 7

To import the library into Kontakt 7, do the following:

  • For Kontakt Factory Library you must unzip it. Due to its large capacity, save it to drive D on your computer to avoid drive C filling up and crashing the computer. Then open the KONTAKT Manager application you just installed and point to the unpacked library.
Kontakt 7 Setup Library
  • For Kontakt Factory Library 2, you just need to run the file Kontakt Factory Library 2 Setup PC, then also choose the appropriate save location, the software will automatically identification without pointing back as above.
Kontakt 7 full active 3

III. Conclusion

After installing the full active Native Instruments Kontakt 7 software and having the sound libraries, you need to use Midi Controller to start creating beats from the virtual instruments in the library .

I myself have not learned about music theory or harmony, but I can learn and install software like this. If you have difficulty during the installation process or are lazy to learn, you can hire our service.

Thank you for being here!!!!

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Cleomar Benedito Da Silva Junior
Cleomar Benedito Da Silva Junior
20/09/2023 05:30

the password is wrong. ntblog.net not work on factory library 1.

15/09/2023 14:35

I can’t open the files and I can’t unpack them either. why?

andraos albounty
andraos albounty
15/09/2023 03:01

Hello Nguyễn Tấn, The link for windows is not working. 404 error

Woo Producedit
Woo Producedit
05/09/2023 23:02

nvm i see it

Woo Producedit
Woo Producedit
05/09/2023 23:00

whats the password to open the files

Arnav Phukan
Arnav Phukan
05/09/2023 07:36

when patching is done it shows an error cannot “access the file”

Jerry Kristiandika Pratama
Jerry Kristiandika Pratama
17/08/2023 16:55

hello, it’s nice to get this website. Can you renew the link for kontakt library 1 for part 2? I downloaded the first part, but I can’t continue as the link is error. I hope to see for your responds soon, thanks 🙂

Jerry Kristiandika Pratama
Jerry Kristiandika Pratama
Reply to  Nguyễn Tấn
17/08/2023 18:02

yes, It’s worked after signing to my account first.Thanks 🙂

Santiago Barrera
Santiago Barrera
23/07/2023 06:05

Hola. Cuando voy a cargar un instrumento de la librería, dice “this instrument belongs to a library that is not installed currently”. Así que hago los 3 pasos que describes en la imagen. Luego de que se hace el registro exitosamente y vuelvo a abrir Kontakt 7, sigue apareciendo el mismo problema. Ayuda por favor!

05/05/2023 10:02

no funciona el link en windows

Reply to  Nguyễn Tấn
06/05/2023 12:19

tnks so much