Hi friends, today’s article will be a guide to install Cubase 5 Full active with full VST for low-profile machines or computers using Windows 7. Of course, if the computer is powerful enough, no one will install it. Cubase 5 to do nothing because it has too many disadvantages such as:

  • Extremely slow startup due to slow plugin reading speed,
  • No plugin search bar by name,
  • Bad interface,
  • Missing a lot of improvements and optimizations like in Cubase 10.
Huong Dan Cai Cubase 5

I. Download and install Cubase 5 full active VST

1. Download Cubase 5 full active

You download Cubase 5 full active Google Drive at the link below.

Why when downloading you proceed to extract with Winrar, if your computer no you have to download and install. After extracting, you will get the following files:


2. Install Cubase 5 full active

The steps to install Cubase 5 full active are as follows:

First you open the folder “1. Cubase 5

a. Run digital software “1. Cubase 5.exe“, a list of items to be installed appears.

Installation interface install Cubase 5 full crack software
Cubase 5 full active software installation interface

You select each item in turn from top to bottom to install

  • Item 1: you choose Install and agree to the terms by checking as shown below then press Next:
Image 3
Steps to install Cubase 5 Full active

Continue Next and Install, then wait for the software to finish, select Finish.

  • Item 2: select Update so that the software overwrites the file needed for active
Image 4
Cubase 5 Full active installation steps
  • Item 3: Continue to select Next and Install
Image 5
Cubase 5 Full active installation steps

b. Run the digital software “2. ASIO4ALL_2_14_English.exe“, then click Next continuously and select Install!

Image 6
Install Asio audio path emulator for Cubase 5

c. Similar to Cubase 10, you also need to install ASIOLinkPro to support Cubase audio path setup

Image 7
Install Asio Audio Path Emulator for Cubase 5

Done! Cubase 5 full active installation is done, but to sing, you must have VST and Project live stream< /a> so good.

3. Install the full set of VSTs for Cubase 5

You go back to the original folder and open the item number 2. VST plugin

 Image 8
VST for Cubase 5

a. VST Cubase 5

You can check whether Windows is using 32bit or 64bit by right-clicking the Computer icon and selecting Properties.

  • x86 or 32bit is 32bit
  • x64 is 64bit
Image 11

Depending on the version you are using, copy all the files below to its correct directory.

Image 12

b. Waves.Complete v9.92 2018

You open the file Setup Waves Complete v2018.07.23  to install. In the Component section, choose VST3 (32bit) instead of 64bit like Cubase 10.

Image 14

c. Other Plugins you also run the installation normally, this step is simple so I won’t say much. Just open it and then Next until the software starts to install.

Image 13

II .Final installation steps to run Cubase 5 full active

  • Not yet in a hurry to run Cubase software, open Start and type the keyword Asio and then select the software O Deus ASIO Link Pro Tool 32 as shown below .
image 27

You set up like the image below, so that the software hides unwanted ASIO popups.

download Cubase 10 Full Crack
  • Right click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen, select Open Sound Setting
image 29

Next select Sound Control Panel

image 33

Right-click Speaker 02, Speaker 03, Speaker 04 in turn and Disable it, the purpose is to simplify the settings in Sound Setting.

image 34
  • In the Download file, I share the pre-edited Project, sound quality is quite good. You double click on the Project-Free I shared to start Cubase 5 .

This is the project-free Cubase 5 software interface

Image 15

You choose Studio from the menu bar above, click Studio Setup as shown

Image 16

Step by step choose in order from 1 to 4 as shown below:

Image 17

Another dialog box appears, select ASIO4ALL v2

image 12
  • Look at the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see an arrow, click and select the software icon select ASIOALL v2
image 23

A list of audio devices will appear, untick all, leave only your Soundcard, depending on the type of Soundcard being used, the display name will be different, mine is USB Audio Device.

image 24

Press F4 or go to Menu -> Audio Connector, Input section, MIC section, press the drop-down arrow and select the Soundcard you are using as shown:


Output section, press the arrow in the STEREO drop-down section and select the Soundcard you are using as shown:

image 1

Next, press the arrow button on the bottom right corner of the screen and select O Deus ASIO Link Pro as below.

image 17

A dialog box like the following appears, click on the 2 green lines that you marked to disconnect them, then drag the line from number 1 to 3, 2 to 4.< /strong>

image 21

After doing it, you have the result as shown below is OK, and don’t forget to press Save profile to save it!

image 22

Check to see if the sound is there, in the picture below I marked 3 places:

  • Number 1 is the button to turn on and off the sound of the Mic and the sound from the computer (eg Youtube from the chrome browser)
  • Number 2 is the audio signal of the Mic and the sound computer
image 26
  • If there is still no sound, please check the Sound Settting section again, the steps are as follows:

Right click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

image 29

Output section select ASIOADPRO Driver as shown:

image 30

Input section also select ASIOADPRO Driver as shown:

image 31

Additional note: If after using Cubase your computer loses sound, reset the output by changing Output as follows:

image 32

Continued: Cubase 10 Pro Full active and detailed installation instructions

III. Summary

The above is a guide to download and install Cubase 5 live singing software Full active with VST Plugin and pre-configured Project. I spent a lot of effort writing detailed instructions, so please read carefully before asking questions.

Each Soundcard will have a different setup, so if you have any problems, please leave a comment below, I will enthusiastically support. In addition, I received installation of full Cubase 5, Cubase 10, Cubase 11 with a good project tailored to your voice for a fairly cheap price, please support me when you can.

Thank you and see you soon!

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