Steinberg Cubase 13 Pro – Welcome the new music revolution.

The launch of Steinberg Cubase 13 Pro marks an important step forward in the field of music production and digital recording. With a series of new and improved features, this version promises to bring users an unlimited creativity and innovation experience.

Cubase 13 Pro Full Active & installation instructions

Breakthrough in sound

Cubase 13 Pro is designed to provide optimal sound quality, with a unique 64-bit float audio system, allowing you to work with extremely high audio resolution and ensuring that every detail Audio details are kept original. This means you have unlimited creativity when working with sound.

Outstanding performance

With optimized performance and efficient use of system resources, Cubase 13 Pro allows you to focus on creativity without worrying about crashes or interruptions. Multi-threading capabilities have been enhanced, and software performance has been improved to ensure you can execute your projects quickly and smoothly.

Diverse production tools

Cubase 13 Pro offers a range of powerful tools to support the music production process, from recording, editing, mixing, to project organization and music sharing. With an easy-to-use user interface and advanced features, you can create top-notch and unique music.

Top graphics

Cubase 13 Pro version offers a beautifully designed and easy-to-use user interface. With customizable color themes, you can create a work environment that suits your personal preferences. This helps create an enjoyable feeling when working and enhances focus on creativity.

Support for new devices and technologies

Cubase 13 Pro offers support for the latest devices and technologies, including MIDI 2.0, VST 3.7, and many new connectivity features that help you interact with musical instruments and peripherals Easily. This helps you expand your creative scope and create diverse music.

I. Download Steinberg Cubase 13 Pro Full Active

To download Cubase 13 Pro Full Active software, click the Download  button below, wait until the waiting time is over and a link will appear for you to download.

Download Cubase 13 Pro for Windows

Link download

Backup link

Download Cubase 13 Pro for Macbook

Link download

Backup link

II. Instructions for installing Steinberg Cubase 13 Pro Full Active

1. Install Cubase 13 Pro for Windows

After downloading the Cubase 13 for Windows installation file to your computer, right-click on it and select open with Windows Explore.

Cubase 13 Pro Full Active & installation instructions

Continue to run the Setup.exe application, you will get an installation menu with the interface as shown below, just install in order and you’re done. If you only use Cubase 13 Pro, installing item 4 is enough.

Cubase 13 Pro Full Active & installation instructions

Other items include:

  • Section 5 (Asio Link Pro): Software to create virtual devices to get music from YouTube for livestream singing.
  • Section 6 (ASIO4ALL): Virtual drivers for soundcards that do not have their own drivers such as K10, iCon Upod, Alctron U16.
  • Section 7 (jBridge): 32bit plugin conversion bridge <=> 64bit.
  • Others items are quick shortcuts to settings.

The Cubsase 13 interface has many changes, is more beautiful and user-friendly than the Cubsase 12 versions previous.

Cubase 13 Pro Full Active & installation instructions

2. Install Cubase 13 Pro for Macbook

After downloading the Cubase 13 Pro macOS installation file, open it and you will get a list of installers as below, install 1 to 3 in turn, then run the microphone fix file in the Microphone Fix folder.

Cubase 13 Pro Full Active for Windows and Macbook

Open and read the readme file to select the appropriate file. After running the command, you will be asked to enter the password to unlock the computer. Just enter normally without paying attention because the password will not appear.

Run the Cubase 13 application to check the results!

Cubase 13 Pro Full Active for Windows and Macbook

III. Conclusion

Cubase 13 Pro is tightly integrated with Steinberg’s music ecosystem, including products such as Dorico, HALion and WaveLab. This makes it easy to work with a variety of music tools and share projects seamlessly.

With Cubase 13 Pro, Steinberg has created a powerful and diverse version for musicians, producers and music lovers. With groundbreaking improvements in sound, performance and features, this software promises to help you push your creativity to the next level and create top-notch musical compositions. Cubase 13 Pro is the perfect combination of technological pioneering and music passion.

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