Cubase 12 Pro Full Active the most stable version with download link from Google Drive and the most detailed installation instructions for music lovers.

Recently, the world famous software company Steinberg has launched version Cubase 12 with many new features, the logo is blue instead of red as before and the interface is not much different from Cubase 11.

In the framework of today’s article, I will provide Cubase 12 Pro Full version with high-speed Google Drive link along with detailed instructions on how to install.

Let’s follow now!

Cubase 12

I. Download Cubase 12 Pro Full Active

To download Cubase 12 Pro Full Active software, click the Download button below, wait for the waiting time to expire, a link will appear for you to download.

Link download

Backup link

After downloading, you proceed to extract by right-clicking on the file and selecting Extract here (Winrar). Download winrar here if not already installed.

After extracting, you get the following file, install it in turn in the order you named it.

Cubase 12 installation file

II. Instructions for installing Cubase 12 Pro Full Active

Note: If you have installed previous versions of Cubase, please remove eLicenser Control Center from your computer before continuing.

To do this, press Start and type “Add or remove programs”, click to open the application manager.

Image 1

In the search box, type “elicenser”, select Uninstall below to remove the software, if the device asks to reset, press OK!

 Go Elicenser

After removing the old eLicenser, we begin to install Cubase 12 Pro following the instructions below:

Step 1: Install eLicenserControlSetup

Open the software, select “I Accept…” and press Next to continue until the software finishes running. Select Finish to end the installation.


Step 1: Soft-eLicenser local license generator b25

To ensure success, please disable your anti-virus program before installing Soft-eLicenser local license generator b25. You wait until the software finishes running before moving on to the next step.

2. Soft Elicenser Local License Generator B25

Step 3: Steinberg Library Manager

Same as above, press Next until the software is installed.

Steinberg Library Manager Win

Step 4: Steinberg Activation Manager Installer

Steinberg Activation Manager Installer Win

Step 5: Install Cubase 12 Pro Full Active

Open the folder Cubase_12_Installer_win and open the file Setup.exe to install Cubase 12 Pro.

Cubase 12 Installer

Step 6: Run the application Activation Manager Unlocker b1

The last step, you run the application Activation Manager Unlocker b1 to complete the Cubase 12 Pro jailbreak, reboot the computer and enjoy the result.

Activation Manager Unlocker B1

After restarting, if you can start Cubase 12 Pro software, you have successfully actived it.

2022 03 11 102527

In general, the interface of Cubase 12 Pro is not much different from Cubase 11. Because the version is quite new, I have not experienced much, but it is quite smooth and stable. How about you? Please leave comments in the comment section.

Communication Cubase 12

III. Conclusion

Cubase 12 Pro Full Active and installation instructions is one of the software tutorials in the series of articles about Cubase and Studio One at NTBlog. You can see them all at: Instructions & software

The interface of Cubase 12 requires a high resolution computer monitor, if your computer only stops at 14 inches. I recommend using version Cubase 11 Artist

To contact to install Cubase / Studio One, please contact TEL/Zalo: 09099997780 or view More about our service at: Project Cubase installation service.

Thanks for watching!

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Son Luu
Son Luu
23/10/2022 21:30

Mình làm theo hướng dẫn nhưng khi mở lên nó bảo no valid license found bạn ơi. !

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