Plugin suite Black Salt Audio is developing plugins focused on audio mixing that delivers consistent, high-quality results. extremely easy to use. This plugin set includes all the revolutionary products in audio mixing.

Black Salt Audio | Versatile plugin set for Windows
  1. Oxygen: An important tool for controlling mix bite, presence and atmosphere. Oxygen helps you adjust the sound flexibly and easily.
  2. Low Control: A versatile tool that includes both a harmonic compressor and enhancer, helping you create a rich and powerful low frequency range in your mix.
  3. Escalator: Is an advanced saturator, designed to provide multiple sound color options. Escalator helps you instantly add depth, punch and definition to any mix.
  4. Reviver: Use Reviver to instantly add impact, punch and definition to any mix.
  5. Telofi: Easily achieve the classic telephone effect with Telofi, helping you bring originality to your mix.
  6. Silencer: The optimal solution to eliminate noise from bowls while still maintaining the integrity of the original sound. More than simply a port, Silencer will forever change the way you mix drums.
  7. BSAClipper: A simple yet effective tool for achieving modern loudness levels without losing the impact of your mix.

These plugins can be used on popular audio editors like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and more on macOS. To use, you just need to install and activate them in your software, then drag and drop into your music project and tweak the parameters as you like.

I. Download Black Salt Audio for Windows

To download the Black Salt Audio Plugin, click one of the download buttons below, wait until the time has passed and the download link will appear. Only download one of the two links!

Google Drive Link

Backup link, if blocked, install VPN

After downloading, unzip the file to proceed with the installation according to the instructions in the next section.

II. Instructions for installing Black Salt Audio plugin for Windows

Unzip and install all Setup files with *.exe extension one by one.

Extract password:

Black Salt Audio | Powerful plugin set for Windows

When installing, if you only use the plugin to adjust the sound in the recording software, just ticking VST3 is enough.

Black Salt Audio | Powerful plugin set for Windows

Open the DAW that you are using, load each plugin in turn into the track and do the same as follows:

Step 1: Click “Click here for offline activation”

Black Salt Audio | Versatile plugin set for Windows

Step 2: Press the Generate Machine File button and point to the desktop folder to save the require file to the desktop.

Black Salt Audio | Powerful plugin set for Windows

Step 3: Open the keygen folder, run YumAudio_KeyGen.exe and press the Generate button, select the *ymf file just saved in the previous step.

Black Salt Audio | Powerful plugin set for Windows

Step 4: Drag the file that License File.ylf just created into the Black Salt Audio plugin in your DAW.

Black Salt Audio | Powerful plugin set for Windows

Similarly with all remaining plugins.

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