Steinberg Nuendo 12 is one of the leading digital audio software for audio professionals , music, and multimedia production. With the perfect combination of advanced technology and innovative features, Nuendo 12 is not only a tool that creates great sounds, but also provides a smooth and efficient working experience.

Steinberg Nuendo 12 full active

Compare Nuendo and Cubase, similarities and differences?

Steinberg Nuendo and Steinberg Cubase are both popular and powerful digital audio software, widely used in the fields of music, audio production, and multimedia. Although they come from the same manufacturer and have many similarities, there are also important differences. Here are some comparison points between Nuendo and Cubase:

1. Purpose of use:

  • Nuendo: Nuendo is primarily designed for multimedia audio production, such as audio for movies, games, videos, and other multichannel projects. It has special features to support the requirements of this field.
  • Cubase: Cubase focuses on music and music production. It is an app primarily intended for musicians, music producers, and personal music projects.

2. Creative tool integration:

  • Nuendo and Cubase: Both software have a range of creative tools, including virtual instruments, sound effects, and powerful editing tools. They allow you to create diverse sounds and music.

3. Mixer and audio processing:

  • Nuendo: Nuendo often comes with powerful mixer tools and features, optimized for multimedia production. It supports multi-channel audio and special features such as voice control and audio processing for movies.
  • Cubase: Cubase also has a powerful mixer, but it has a primary focus on music. Cubase is often used to create sounds and mix music based on music projects.

4. Compatibility:

  • Nuendo and Cubase: Both software are compatible with a wide range of audio devices and support popular audio publishing standards such as VST and AAX.

I. Download Steinberg Nuendo 12 for Windows and Macbook

To download Nuendo 12 Full Active, click the Download button below, wait until the waiting time is over and a high-speed Google Drive link will appear.

Download Steinberg Nuendo 12 for Windows

Link download

Backup link (Install if block)

Download Nuendo 12 for Macbook

Link download

Backup link (Install if block)

II. Install Steinberg Nuendo 12 for Windows

After downloading the Nuendo 12 for Windows installation file to your computer, right-click on it and select open with Windows Explore.

Steinberg Nuendo 12 setup

Continue to run the Setup.exe application, you will get an installation menu with the interface as shown below, just install in order and you’re done. I have integrated the entire ASIO suite for your convenience when setting up livestream singing.

Steinberg Nuendo 12 full active

After installation, the Nuendo 12 application will appear on the desktop. Now you open it and use it normally.

III. Install Steinberg Nuendo 12 for Macbook

Turn off Gatekeeper on MacBook

First, to ensure the software runs, you need to turn off gatekeeper. Open the terminal application and paste the following line of code, then enter.

  • sudo spctl –master-disable

Terminal will ask for a password, the password will not appear as usual, just enter it correctly then press enter.

Instructions for activating Steinberg Nuendo 12 for Macbook

After downloading and opening the installation file, you will get a list of apps inside as follows, installed one by one in the order you marked.

Steinberg Nuendo 12 macbook

In the last step, microphone_fix, enter the same password as above and press enter.

Steinberg Nuendo 12 macbook

On some new Mac models, you need to turn off SIP by turning off the computer, accessing Recovery, opening Terminal and entering the following command line:

  • csrutil disable

Enter password to complete!

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