Mastering The Mix is a plugin maker high quality music, specializes in providing tools to help music producers, sound engineers and those working in the music industry optimize and enhance the quality of sound their.

Mastering The Mix Bundle | Complete set of Mix Master plugins
  1. ANIMATE: ANIMATE’s feature not only enhances audio dynamics, but also allows users to create complex stereo effects by adjusting width and coverage. stereo definition of sound.
  2. BASSROOM: In addition to automatic bass calibration, BASSROOM also provides the ability to customize bass parameters such as bass depth, contrast and dynamic level, helping users achieve the exact bass they want.
  3. EXPOSE: The EXPOSE plugin not only analyzes sound quality but also provides specific suggestions to improve sound quality based on the analysis results, making it easier for users to adjust and improve their mix.
  4. FUSER: In addition to combining sound effects, FUSER also has the ability to adjust the complexity of the effect by changing parameters such as speed, depth and period. echoes, creating unique and rich sound effects.
  5. LEVELS: LEVELS not only provides an overview of the mix but also allows users to check and adjust specific sound levels such as dynamic level, frequency level and stereo levels in detail.
  6. LIMITER: Besides controlling the audio peak, LIMITER also provides different operating modes such as Peak and RMS, giving users flexibility in adjusting the level limits of sound.
  7. MIXROOM: MIXROOM not only automatically adjusts EQ but also provides presets and detailed instructions so users can customize and adjust the sound to their liking.
  8. REFERENCE: The REFERENCE plugin allows users to download and compare sample mixes from famous artists and producers, thereby learning and applying expert mixing techniques. career in your work.
  9. RESO: This plugin helps create highly complex sound effects. Especially with the ability to calculate and find bad frequencies and mark them, then you can reduce the volume at these frequencies just by dragging the mouse.

I. Download the complete set of Mastering The Mix plugins

Mastering The Mix for Windows

Download link

Backup link

Mastering The Mix for MacOS

Customers using Macbooks please buy the plugin at a very cheap price by clicking the button below.

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II. Instructions for installing Mastering The Mix

Install Mastering The Mix for Windows: The installation is extremely simple, you download and unzip (pass: and run the installation file and you’re done.

Mastering The Mix Bundle | Complete set of powerful Mix Master plugins

Install Mastering The Mix for MacOS: If you buy the plugin at the link above, there will be a link to download. After downloading, open the file and run to install normally, install After that, go to the MORiA folder and copy all the folders inside to the following path:


Mastering The Mix Bundle | Complete set of powerful Mix Master plugins

III. Conclusion

The plugin suite from Mastering The Mix gives users a series of powerful tools to optimize and enhance sound quality during music production and mixing. From automatic bass adjustment to checking sound quality and creating unique musical effects, each plugin offers special features and tools to help users achieve their desired results. during their work.

Mastering The Mix Bundle | Trọn bộ plugins Mix Master quyền năng

By combining cutting-edge technology and innovation in the music industry, Mastering The Mix not only provides effective tools but also helps users better understand the music production process and how to improve their sound quality. This makes it easier to create quality and unique mixes and brings advancement to everyone’s music career.

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