Yes, dxRevive Pro Full is an audio plugin developed by Accentize, a company specializing in audio technology and audio processing based on AI technology. This plugin is designed to improve sound quality during digital audio restoration and cleaning.

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  • Noise Removal: This plugin has the ability to remove noise from the audio signal, including noise, fog, and other noises, helping to clean the audio signal easily. effective way.
  • Audio Recovery: dxRevive Pro can restore audio details lost or damaged during recording or processing, enhancing detail and clarity of sound.
  • Noise and feedback reduction: This plugin also provides tools for noise and feedback reduction, helping to improve audio quality in less than ideal recording environments .
  • Variety of applications: dxRevive Pro can be used in a variety of contexts, from recording and music production to mixing and mastering.
  • Easy to use: The plugin is designed with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to adjust parameters flexibly and effectively.
  • Multi-format support: dxRevive Pro supports many popular audio formats, including WAV, AIFF, MP3 and many others.

I. Download Accentize dxRevive Pro 1.1.0 Full Free

To download Accentize dxRevive Pro 1.1.0, click on one of the download buttons below, wait until the time has passed and the download link will appear.

Google Drive Link

Backup link, if blocked from installing

II. Basic instructions for using Accentize dxRevive Pro 1.1.0

Accentize dxRevive Pro 1.1. 0 Full Free | Super awesome noise filter plugin

Here are the basic usage instructions for Accentize dxRevive Pro Plugin:

1. Install and Open Plugin:

  • Make sure you have dxRevive Pro installed on your computer and have an audio editor open (e.g. : Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, or any other audio editor).

2. Add Plugin to Track:

  • Open or create a new audio track in your project.
  • Find and drag dxRevive Pro Plugin to that track.

3. Plugin Interface:

  • Once you have added the Plugin to the track, the dxRevive Pro interface will appear. This interface usually includes sliders and controls.

4. Adjust Parameters:

  • Use the sliders to adjust parameters such as noise cancellation strength, sound restoration level, noise reduction, and other parameters depending on your needs.
  • If needed, you can also choose default or suggested options from the Plugin.

5. Listen and Check:

  • After adjusting the parameters, listen to the track again to make sure the Plugin’s effect meets your expectations.
  • Check thoroughly and adjust parameters if necessary.

6. Save and Export:

  • When you’re satisfied with the result, save your project and continue working on it or export to an audio file to share or use in the next step of production.

7. Learn More:

  • To better understand the features and full usage of dxRevive Pro, you can refer to the documentation or video tutorials provided by Accentize on their website or other sources of information.

Remember, using this Plugin may require some knowledge of audio processing, so if you are just starting out, start with the default parameters.

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