How to record and sing live Studio One on Macbook use the project installed by our side. If it’s not installed by me, it’s just a little bit different but basically the same.

Instructions For Recording And Singing Live

This article is presented in video format and is divided into 2 parts including recording and live singing. You can watch other tutorials on NTBlog’s Youtube channel

I. Instructions for recording Studio One on Macbook

Content includes:

  • How to download mp4 from Youtube
  • Open the Video player on Studio One
  • Insert mp4 into Studio One and extract the audio
  • Tone detection and tone setting for WavesTune
  • Cutting, compensating and processing songs that change the tone in the chorus
  • Export audio


II. Instructions for singing Studio One live on Macbook

Content includes:

  • Tonic Tonic Tutorial
  • Input tone into WavesTune
  • Set up Loopback to get music into Studio One

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