In this article, I will give an overview of the Tool Panel toolbar, keyboard shortcuts, and how to access many of Photoshop’s hidden tools.

This tutorial includes a complete summary of all 66 Photoshop tools that you can use as a reference.

I’ll be using Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6 does the same thing.

If you are just starting to learn Photoshop, I recommend you to take a look at the article Learn about the interface of Photoshop first.

Tool Panel Photoshop Toolbar Position

The Photoshop Toolbar is located along the left side of the screen. By default, the Toolbar appears as a long column.

It can be expanded to a shorter, double column by clicking icon double arrow at the top.

Click again to return the default one-column view.

Toolbar layout

Though it looks like the tools are listed at random, there’s actually a logical order to it, with related tools grouped together. 

What is Hidden Tool?

Each tool in the Toolbar is represented by an icon, but there are actually more tools than we see.

One arrow small  in the lower right corner of the tool icon means there are more tools hidden behind it in the same place.

To view and access additional tools, click and hold on the icon. Or, right-click (Windows) / control- click (Macbook) on the icon.

For example, if you click  icon of Tool shape rectangle, hidden tools like Elliptical Marquee , Single Row Marquee Tool  and Single Column Marquee Tool will appear.


To select one of the additional hidden tools, left click on it, now the selected tool will be the default tool for that group of tools.

What is the default engine?

The initial tool shown in each position in the Toolbar is called default tool

The Ripse Marquee Tool is the default tool for the position we’re looking at here (second from top).

However, Photoshop will not always display the default tool. Instead, it will display the last tool selected.

Summary of Photoshop ToolsHere’s a quick summary of each tool you’ll find in the Toolbar, along with a brief description of what each tool is used for.

Specific tools will be covered in more detail in other articles.

I will list the tools in the order they are displayed in the toolbar from the top.

The asterisk (*) after the name of the tool indicates that it is the default tool. The text in parentheses is the shortcut for the tool.

To cycle through hidden tools with the same keyboard shortcut, press and hold Shift and press its shortcut letter.

Move and Selection Tool Group

Tool Panel Photoshop toolbar

Move Tool * (V)
The Move tool is used to move layers, selections, and guides within a Photoshop document. Enable “Auto Select” to automatically select the layer or group you click on.

Tool Panel Photoshop toolbar

Artboard Tool (V)
The Artboard Tool (new in Photoshop CC) allows you to easily design a variety of web layouts or UX (user experience) for mobile devices. different device or screen size.

thanh công cụ Tool Panel Photoshop

The Rectangular Marquee Tool * (M)
The Rectangular Marquee Tool draws the outline of a rectangular selection. Press and hold Shift as you drag to draw a square selection.

Tool Panel Photoshop toolbar

Eliptical Marquee Tool (M)
The Elliptical Marquee Tool outlines selected ellipses. Press and hold Shift to draw the selection in a perfect circle.

thanh công cụ Tool Panel Photoshop

Công cụ Marquee hàng đơn
Công cụ Single Row Marquee trong Photoshop chọn một hàng pixel trong ảnh từ trái sang phải.

Tool Panel Photoshop toolbar

Single Column Marquee Tool
Use the Single Column Marquee Tool to select a column of pixels from top to bottom.

thanh công cụ Tool Panel Photoshop

Lasso Tool * (L)
With the Lasso Tool, you can outline a freehand selection around an object.

Tool Panel Photoshop toolbar

Polygon Lasso Tool (L)
Click around an object with the Polygon Lasso Tool to surround it with a straight, polygonal selection outline.

Tool Panel Photoshop

Magnetic Lasso Tool (L)
Magnetic Lasso Tool recognizes the outlines of an object on its own and draws a selection based on those contours.

thanh công cụ Tool Panel Photoshop

Quick Selection Tool * (W)
Quick Selection Tool allows you to easily select an object simply by drawing on it. Enable “Auto Enhance” in the Options Bar for better quality selections.

Tool Panel Photoshop

Magic Wand Tool (W)
Photoshop’s Magic Wand Tool selects areas of similar color with a single click.

Công cụ cắt

photoshop crop tool

Crop Tool * (C)
Use the Crop Tool in Photoshop to crop the image and remove unwanted areas. Uncheck “Remove Cropped Pixels” in the Options Bar to keep the cropped part.

photoshop perspective crop tool

Perspective Crop Tool (C)
Perspective Crop Tool to crop images and correct distortion problems by adjusting the crop line parallel to the contour image is distorted.

photoshop slice tool

Slide Crop Tool (C)
Slice tool divides an image or layout into smaller parts (slices) that can be exported and optimized separately.

photoshop slice select tool

Slide Selection Tool (C)
Use the Slice Selection Tool to select individual slices created with the Slice Tool above.

Công cụ đo lường

photoshop eyedropper tool

Công cụ Eyedropper * (I)
Công cụ Eyedropper của Photoshop cho phép bạn copy lại màu của một điểm ảnh.

photoshop 3d materials tool

Công cụ Eyedropper Vật liệu 3D (I)
Sử dụng Công cụ 3D Eyedropper Tool để lấy mẫu vật liệu từ mô hình 3D trong Photoshop.

photoshop color sampler tool

Color sampler (I)
Color sampler displays the color values for the selected (sampled) area in the image. Up to four areas can be sampled at a time.

photoshop ruler tool

The Ruler Tool (I)
The Ruler Tool measures distances, positions, and angles. Great tool for placing images exactly where you want them.

photoshop note tool

Notes Tool (I)
Notes Tool allows you to attach text-based notes to your Photoshop documents, either to yourself or to others other working on the same project. Notes are saved as part of a .PSD.

photoshop note tool

Notes Tool (I)
Notes Tool allows you to attach text-based notes to your Photoshop documents, either to yourself or to others other working on the same project. Notes are saved as part of a .PSD.

photoshop count tool

Count Tool (I)
Use the Count Tool to manually count the number of objects in an image, or have Photoshop automatically count multiple selected areas in the image .

Công cụ Retouching And Painting

Công cụ Brush Spot Spot * (J)

Spot Healing Brush Tool * (J)
Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop quickly removes blemishes and other small problem areas in an image. Use a brush size slightly larger than the blemish for best results.

2021 12 22 113432

Healing Brush Tool (J)
Healing Brush allows you to fix problem larger areas in an image by painting over them. Hold Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) and click to sample, then paint over the problem area to fix it.

Patch Tool (J)

Tools Patch (J)
With the Patch Tool, draw a selection around the defect area. Then drag this selection onto an area with no blemishes.

Công cụ Content-Aware Move (J)

Tools Content-Aware Move (J)
Use the Content-Aware Move tool to select and move part of the image to an area other area. Photoshop automatically fills in the hole in the original position using elements from the surrounding areas.

Red-Eye Tool (J)

Red-Eye Tool (J)
Red Eye Tool eliminates common red-eye problems in images caused by camera flash.

Brush Tool * (B)

Brush Tool * (B)
The Brush Tool is Photoshop’s main drawing tool. Use it to draw brush strokes on a layer or on a layer mask

Công cụ Pencil (B)

Pencil Tool (B)
Pencil Tool is another Photoshop drawing tool. But while the Brush Tool can draw soft-edged brush strokes, the Pencil Tool always paints with hard edges.

Color Replacement Tool (B)

Color Replacement Tool (B)
Use the Color Replacement Tool in Photoshop to easily replace the color of an object with another color.

Mixer Brush Tool (B)

Mixer Brush Tool (B)
Unlike the standard Brush Tool, the Mixer Brush in Photoshop can simulate elements of a painting. as real as mixing and matching colors, and paint moisture.

Clone Stamp Tool *(S)

Clone Stamp Tool * (S)
Clone Stamp Tool is Photoshop’s most basic editing tool. It samples pixels from one area of the image and paints them over pixels in another area.

Công cụ Pattern Stamp (S)

Tools Pattern Stamp (S)
Use the Pattern Stamp Tool to draw a pattern on the image. p>

History Brush

History Tool Brush * (Y)
The History Brush tool redraws the snapshot from the previous step into the current image.

Art History Brush Tool (Y)

Art History Brush (Y) Tool
The Art History Brush also paints a snapshot from a previous historical state into the image, but uses stylized brush strokes.

Eraser Tool * (E)

Eraser Tool * (E)
The Eraser tool in Photoshop permanently erases pixels on a layer. It can also be used to draw in the previous history state.

Công cụ Background Eraser Tool (E)

Background Eraser Tool (E)
Background Eraser Tool erases similar colored areas in an image by painting over them.

Magic Eraser Tool (E)

Magic Eraser Tool (E)
The Magic Eraser Tool is similar to the Magic Wand Tool in that it selects areas of similar color with a single click. But the Magic Eraser Tool will permanently erase those areas.

Gradient Tool * (G)

Gradient Tool * (G)
Photoshop’s Gradient Tool captures a gradual blend of multiple colors. The Gradient Editor allows you to create and customize your own gradients.

Công cụ Paint Bucket (G)

Paint Bucket Tool (G)
Paint Bucket Tool fills an area with a similar color to the Foreground color or a pattern. The “Tolerance” value determines how much color will be affected around the area you click.

3D Material Drop Tool (G)

3D Material Drop  (G)
Used in 3D modeling, the 3D Material Drop  Tool allows you to sample a material from one area and then drop it into another area of the model, mesh, or your 3D layer.

Blur Tool *

Blur Tool *
The Blur tool blurs and softens the areas you paint with the tool.

Công cụ Sharpen

Công cụ Sharpen
Công cụ Sharpen làm sắc nét các khu vực bạn vẽ.

Smudge Tool

Smudge Tool
The Smudge tool in Photoshop blurs and blurs the areas you draw on. It can also be used to create a finger drawing effect.

Dodge Tool * (O)

Dodge Tool * (O)
Draw over areas of the image with the Dodge Tool to brighten them.

Công cụ Burn (O)

Công cụ Burn (O)
Công cụ Burn sẽ làm tối các khu vực bạn vẽ lên.

Công cụ Sponge (O)

Sponge Tool (O)
Draw over areas with the Sponge Tool to increase or decrease color saturation.

Drawing Tools & Type

Pen Tool * ( P )

Pen Tool * ( P )
Photoshop’s Pen tool allows you to draw extremely precise paths, vector shapes, or selections.

Freeform Pen Tool (P)

Freeform Pen Tool (P)
The Freeform Pen Tool allows you to draw freeform paths or shapes. Anchor points are automatically added to the path as you draw.

Công cụ Add Anchor Point

Add Anchor Point Tool
Use the Add Anchor Point Tool to add additional anchor points along the path.

Delete Anchor Point Tool

Delete Anchor Point Tool
Click an existing anchor point along the path with the Delete Anchor Point to delete the point.

Convert Point Tool

Convert Point Tool
On a path, click a curved anchor point with the Convert Point Tool to convert it to a corner point. Click a corner point again to convert it to a bend.

Horizontal Type Tool * ( T )

Horizontal Type Tool * ( T )
Thêm văn bản dạng hàng ngang vào thiết kế của bạn.

Vertical Type Tool ( T )

Vertical Type Tool ( T )
Thêm văn bản dạng hàng dọc vào thiết kế của bạn.

Công cụ Vertical Type Mask( T )

Vertical Type Mask Tool( T )
Instead of adding editable text to your document, the Vertical Type Mask Tool creates an outline of a text selection. vertically.

Horizontal Type Mask Tool( T )

Horizontal Type Mask( T ) Tool
Like the Vertical Type Mask, the Horizontal Type Mask creates a horizontal text selection outline.

Path Selection Tool * (A)

Path Selection Tool * (A)
Use the Path Selection tool (black arrow) in Photoshop to select and move the entire path (drawn with the pen tool) at the same time.

Direct Selection Tool ( A )

Direct Selection Tool ( A )
Use Direct Selection (white arrow) to select and move an individual path segment, anchor point or direction handle.

Công cụ Rectangle * ( U )

Rectangle Tool * (U)
Rectangle Tool draws a rectangular vector shape, path, or pixel shape. Press and hold Shift as you drag to draw a square.

Rounded Rectangle Tool (U)

Rounded Rectangle Tool (U)
The Rounded Rectangle tool is similar to the Rectangle tool but the corners are rounded. Press and hold Shift to draw a square with rounded corners.

Ellipse Tool (U)

Ellipse Tool (U)
Ellipse Tool draws vector ellipse shapes, paths, or pixel shapes. Press and hold Shift as you drag to draw a perfect circle.

Polygon Polygon Tool (U)

Polygon Polygon (U) Tool
Polygon tool draws a straight polygonal vector shape, path, or pixel shape. Use the options in the upper bar to set the number of edges.

Công cụ Line (U)

Line Tool (U)
Line Tool draws lines, images, or paths. The “Weight” option on the options bar controls the width of the line.

Custom Shape Tool (U)

Custom Shape Tool (U)
Photoshop’s Custom Shape Tool allows you to select and draw arbitrary shapes.

Navigation Tools

Hand Tool * (H)

Hand Tool * (H)
Hand Tool allows us to drag and move around the image to see different areas when zoomed in.

Rotate View Tool (R)

The Rotate View (R) tool
Rotate View in Photoshop rotates the canvas or image so you can view and edit the image from different angles.

Công cụ thu phóng Zoom * (Z)

Zoom Zoom Tool * (Z)
Click the image with the Zoom tool to zoom in on a specific area. Press and hold Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) and click with the Zoom Tool to zoom out.


Reading is not enough, you have to work with the software and familiarize yourself with each tool according to your instructions to get results.

You can download Photoshop CC here: Photoshop CC 2019 Full

If you have any questions about this topic, please leave a comment below, I’m always here and ready to help you.

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