Waves 14 Complete for Macbook is a professional audio toolkit developed by Waves Audio, one of the Leading provider of audio software and plugins for the music and film production industries. This version brings a variety of tools and audio effects, helping users create high-quality and creative sounds.

[MacOS] Waves 14 Complete for Macbook

Some outstanding features of Waves 14 Complete:

  1. Various Plugins: Collection includes hundreds of audio plugins, including EQ, compressor, reverb, delay, modulator, and more, providing essential tools for processing and creating quality sound.
  2. Professional Effects: Waves 14 Complete provides a wide range of professional audio effects such as phaser, flanger, chorus, distortion, and many more, helping users create sounds unique and creative bar.
  3. High Standards: Waves Audio is one of the leading manufacturers in the music industry, with products widely used in both studio and live performance. Waves 14 Complete continues to maintain high standards of sound quality and performance.
  4. Multi-platform support: Waves 14 Complete is available for many different platforms, including Macbooks. This helps ensure compatibility and flexibility for users across different devices.
  5. Regular updates: Waves Audio regularly updates its products to improve performance and features, while adding new tools and improving compatibility with other devices. new system.

I. Download Waves 14 Complete for Macbook

To download Waves 14 Complete for Macbook, press the download button below, wait until the waiting time is over and the download link will appear.

Download link

Backup link

II. Instructions for installing Waves 14 Complete for Macbook

If you have previously installed an older version, open Waves Central, go to the settings and uninstall the old version first. Next, extract this package to the screen, select Continue Offline

[MacOS] Waves 14 Complete for Macbook

Click Browse>, point to the unzipped Waves folder file and select Open. Tick the first line to select all plugins, press Install and wait until the installation is complete.

[MacOS] Waves 14 Complete for Macbook

Go back to the original folder, run WavesLicenseEngine to activate.

Open Terminal and run the following 2 commands:

sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer

killall WavesLocalServer & rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer

[MacOS] Waves 14 Complete for Macbook

Run Waves AU Reg Utility.app again and you’re done!

[MacOS] Waves 14 Complete for Macbook

With Waves 14 Complete, Macbook users can experience leading audio tools and effects, helping they create high quality music and sound products.

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