To continue the article Studio One 5 for Macbook, today I will guide how to install Wave 12 Complete for Macbook in the most detailed and easy to understand way.

Wave 12 Complete  is a collection of Audio plugins can be used to generate new musical ideas. It has every plugin any sound engineer or musician would want.

Wave 12 Complete Macos

Wave 12 Complete updated, improved many features, update many new plugins and ensure compatibility with the latest DAWs and operating systems (including macOS 10.15 Catalina), enjoy improved plugin performance and full technical support, plugins newly added premium plan and more.

I. Download Wave 12 Complete for Macbook full active

You click the Download button, wait for the time to expire, the link will appear. After accessing the link, you will see the Download all button in the upper right corner.

Install if you can’t access the download link.

Link download

Backup link (Install if block)

After downloading, extract to start the installation process Wave 12 Complete for Macbook

II. Install and active Waves 12 Complete for Macbook

1. Install Wave 12 Complete plugin set

After extracting, open Install_Wave_Central.dmg to proceed with the installation. After the installation is complete, a dialog box like below will appear, drag Wave into the folder Applications as shown:

Wave 12 Complete for Macbook

You turn off the internet, go to Laundpad and open Wave Central app, wait for it to load for a while.

 Open wave central app

After loading it will show a dialog like below, select Continue Offline

Wave 12 Complete for Macbook

Next, select Browse and point to the previously unzipped 1 – Installer folder.

Wave Central will load all plugins in folder 1 – Installer, you tick the left box macOS and press Install to start the installation.

 Wave 12 Complete for Macbook

2. Jailbreak (active) the Wave 12 Complete

After installation is complete, go to Patch folder, run file WaveLicenseEngine to active.

 Wave 12 Complete for Macbook

Open Terminal, copy 1 in 2 the following command line and paste it to run

  • sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer
  • killall WavesLocalServer & rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer

Next, reboot macbook and run the file AU Reg tool Build R 215024 for AU

[MacOS] Install Wave 12 Complete for Macbook full active

Done! So complete the installation of the national plugin set Wave 12 Complete for Macbook full active.

III. Conclusion

Wave 12 Complete for Macbook is a set of plugins that any audio player needs. If you have the conditions and are knowledgeable about its uses, you can buy each plugin individually.

In addition to the Wave set, in the next articles I will show you how to install Auto-Tune and how to set up to sing live on Macbook. Stay tuned!!!

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Toàn Lê
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