Audiority Pre X7 is a plugin emulates an electronic tube preamp, based on a famous vintage design, originally intended for bass guitars but customized to suit a variety of sound sources.

Audiority Pre X7 is suitable for music producers, sound engineers, and musicians, bringing a warm, vintage electronic sound to recordings.

Audiority Pre X7 | Electronic light Preamp emulator plugin

I. Introducing the Audiority Pre X7 plugin


  1. 12AX7 lamp simulation:
  • Creates the sonic signature of an electronic tube with non-linearity, resulting in a warm and rich sound.
  1. Filters and tone controls:
  • High-cut filter and Baxandall tone control make shaping and adjusting the input signal easy.
  1. Limits for cutting tile ends:
  • Keeps distortion stable at extreme settings, keeping audio from breaking.
  1. Boost, Pad and Phase Switch:
  • Sound enhancement, input level adjustment and phase inversion to suit a variety of audio situations.

Technical specifications:

  • 4-stage low-cut filter.
  • Flexible input/output connections.
  • Baxandall tone control.
  • Integrated tile tip cut limiter.

II. Download Audiority Pre X7 plugin

Unzip password:

Download Audiority Pre X7 for Windows

Google Link

Backup link (Install VPN if link fails)

Download Audiority Pre X7 for MacOS

Google Link

Backup link (Install VPN if link fails)

III. Instructions on the functions of the buttons on the Audiority Pre X7 plugin

Audiority Pre X7 | Plugin giả lập Preamp đèn điện tử
  1. Input Gain:
    • Adjusts the input level, which directly affects the amount of distortion from the lamp.
  2. Pad:
    • Reduces input level by 20dB, helps manage strong signal.
  3. Boost:
    • Increase gain by 20dB, highlighting the audio signal.
  4. Phase:
    • Inverts the phase of the input signal.
  5. High Cut Filter:
    • High cut filter, helps reduce unwanted high frequencies.
  6. Baxandall Tone Controls:
    • Tone control with Bass and Treble buttons, help fine-tune low and high frequencies.
  7. Brickwall Limiter:
    • Limit the output signal to avoid overloading and clipping.
  8. Output Gain:
    • Adjust the output level after lamp processing.
  9. VU Meter:
    • Displays the input/output signal level.
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